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Enjoy yurt sauna’s nice steam and wellness treatments in the idyllic Strömfors’ iron works environment, near great outdoor possibilities around. Spend a memorable evening in the hot tub, cool off in the old farmhouse, and enjoy the peaceful nature. Spend the night in the new glamping tent accommodation, and why not enjoy the whole weekend in the idyllic iron works village. We will customize your holiday for you according to your wishes with nature activities or wilderness experiences. We guarantee an experience which remains and is remembered both in body and soul.

Come for a unique experience in Strömfors Wellness!

While you wait for the sauna to heat up, you can paddle, sup or swim in the jungle like Kymi-river, or hike to the beautiful Kukul-lake. Grill salmon or pick wild herbs with our help. Let us know and we will customize an suitable package for your group. Unforgettable experiences only 1 hour from the capital city.

Strömfors Wellness operates in the beautiful village of Strömfors old barn house and its yard and surroundings. To the complete experience belongs the Strömfors Yurt sauna and the hot tub, and the wilderness adventure center of Hattarniemi. There’s the adventure accommodation center, massage- and well-being center Sofia, and the Old Barn’s coffee and Nature shops. 

The yurt-sauna can be booked any time of year, and we offer sauna wellness treatments, among others clay, peat and wild herb treatments. The sauna can also be booked for customer sessions, for companies and associates. 

Our experience accommodation offers accommodation in the luxury glamping tent, in tentsiles or in hammocks, either in the outskirts of the village or in the Hattarniemi wilderness destination, which you can reach by paddling in the canoe about one hour or by car quite near(700 m). Trips and accommodation are organized either as guidance-free or guided. 

We offer wellness events and retreats around the year with various themes. In the end of the day we always relax in the sauna and in the hot tub. Follow our Facebook page Strömfors HyvinvointiWellness.

The coffee shop and nature shop are open during summers and on event weekends during winter. Our coffee shop offers home-baked both salty and sweet pies, our famous salmon sandwiches and delicatesses. From the nature shop your can buy different wild herb products both to ingest and put on the skin, and during events homemade juices and glögg (traditional Finnish drink), dried mushrooms and different kinds of wild herb products. 

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Strömfors’ iron works

The Strömfors iron work village nearby Lovisa is one of the best preserved iron work villages in Finland.


Strömfors’ historical iron works, which has for long been a sleeping beauty, has awakened to delight the tourists whom search for nature’s beauty and the varied outdoor activity possibilities and wellness and experience tourist services.

Charming and lovely environment offers unforgettable time-travel to the area’s colorful history. Nowadays the life in the centuries old environment continues respecting the old traditions, for example locally produced artisan works. In addition to the unique atmosphere Strömfors offers visitors memorable moments, as for example Strömfors Wellness sauna experience and wellness treatments, wilderness trips and activities and experience-accommodation. 


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Come to enjoy a memorable experience. We customize for you an adventure-holiday or for your group a team workshop with nature activities. We also offer varied activities for the wellbeing of the body in addition to the sauna bathing. We can give you a complete package customized just for you, when it comes to experience-accommodation and dining.

I’m educated as a masseuse and fitness nurse. I have a bachelor degree in educational science. Teacher of early childhood education, and I also have training in economy and administration. I also have an artisan education and I’m eager to do all kinds of things with my hands. I spent my childhood in Kuusamo (northern Finland), near nature and wilderness adventures. My love for forests and nature has remained throughout my whole life. Based on all this experience and education I have founded this business and little by little expanded the activities in it, so that I would be able to offer my customers the complete full service package and an unforgettable experience.
Tule viihtymään Strömforsin ruukkiin Loviisan Ruotsinpyhtäälle vain noin tunnin ajomatkan päähän Helsingistä. Hemmottele itseäsi Strömfors Hyvinvoinnin jurttasaunan lempeissä löylyissä monipuolisten aktiviteettien äärellä ruukkikylän idyllissä, Kymijoen varrella.
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